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Your Viola News! Issue #011 - Issue fixed: Save 20% on DVD. Music gifts
December 10, 2010
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VIOLA NEWS! * * * * Issue 11 * * * * 10 December 2010

Hello, music and viola lover!

I want to thank you for being a Viola News subscriber, so my Christmas and Happy New Year gift for you is this:

Save 20% on the New Approach teaching DVD, by the celebrated child prodigy violin player and string teacher Kato Havas

on all DVDs ordered from now to 31st December 2010.


I sent you and email a few hours ago and a nice person contacted me about an issue on the ordering process page.

Just wanted to let you know that the problem is fixed and there is something even better: YOU WON'T EVEN BE CHARGED SHIPPING COSTS! This means that you actually SAVE 34%! This is an unmissable opportunity! Keep reading.

It's the perfect gift for any viola and string players, students, teachers, professionals, something really different from all other gifts, very practical and useful.

From this 50 minutes video any string player can learn how to improve their playing, eliminate aches and pains, nerves and enjoy music more.
In this video you'll learn about:

  • The three major causes of problems and their solution
  • How to use your eyes properly
  • The two "joints" that control bowing technique
  • The importance of singing and miming
  • The real length of eight positions
  • How to use imagination
  • The right arm and left hand action
  • The double stops
  • The natural vibrato
and much more.

It shows doctor's testimonials, step by step exercises to apply, how to practice.

Maybe you've seen other books and information about musicians' injuries and nerves, they've become a popular subject nowadays.

However, you should remember that Kato Havas is the person who started all this, offering a solution to those issues when nobody dared thinking a solution was possible. On the contrary, having aches and pains and stage fright was considered (and still is, in many cases) inevitable, part of the game.

So if you yourself want to play with more ease and joy, or if you care for a relative, friend or colleague, take advantage of this limited time opportunity for a great New Year gift, to start a new musical year in a better way.


This special subscribers-only discount is not mentioned on the website page. You receive this information as a subscriber. Go to the teaching DVD page, click the Checkout button and then, after all your details,

TYPE CODE: subscriber2010 at checkout, in Additional options - Use a coupon

More music gift ideas

For more music gift ideas with nice discounts, browse the music minus one page for 20% off on all of these play-along items too: there are a lot of classical, popular and movie melodies.

Also CD sheet music is 20% off. These are orchestral and chamber music parts on CD, so you print only those ones you need when you need them.

Finally, for those who love music but don't play an instrument, find here a lot of music gift ideas, from books to gadgets, to music games, posters and post cards.

So, here are all links again:

Save 20% on the New Approach teaching DVD, by Kato Havas, TYPE CODE: subscriber2010 at checkout, in Additional options - Use a coupon

Save 20% on music minus one and play-alongs

More music gift ideas.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of music.

Monica Cuneo

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