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Your Viola News! Issue #007 - Site updated, Henry Vieuxtemps talks!
July 30, 2010
Hello, is the website to really discover the gorgeous viola.

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VIOLA NEWS! * * * * Issue 07 * * * * 29 July 2010

Hello, music and viola lover!

I just wanted to let you know that the website is undergoing a general update of most pages, a sort of "spring-cleaning" (slightly delayed, though...).

We're checking that all links, downloadable items, formatting, pictures etc. are in place and working.

Also soon all pages will have media players, so you can enjoy a variety of viola music while you read about a composer or a work.

The first one (besides you) to benefit from this update is Henry Vieuxtemps, that's why I wrote that he "talks" to you, through his music. He was a famous violin player, virtuoso, composer and also viola player.

So if you have never read that page and even if you read about him, I invite you to read again with a musical background that makes you connect with him.

Especially if you love Romantic music you can't miss his works, I find that they wonderfully highlight the tonal qualities of the viola, and they are performed by different viola players. I just love Vieuxtemps's works, I hope you too like them.

So here is Henry Vieuxtemps.

One brand new feature just added to the website is a one-stop store for your viola (and not only) related purchases: gift ideas, Mp3 files and CDs, DVDs (educational, films, performances), books, accessories and more.

All viola related items are sorted into categories (e.g., composer's name), so it's easy to find what you need among thousands of articles. I myself have been surprised to find many I didn't know about, I've gone through a lot of them so you can you save a lot of time in you visit to the one-stop viola store.

I hope these changes will help enjoy viola music even more!


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