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Your Viola News! Issue #003 -- Listen to whole viola works, videos
October 17, 2009
Hello , is the website to really discover the gorgeous viola.

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VIOLA NEWS! * * * * Issue 03 * * * * 17 October 2009

Hello, music and viola lover.

It's been quite a long time since the previous issue, just a quick note today. The site is getting updated with a lot of videos so that you'll be able to listen to full works with viola. We have just started with a few pages, have a look at the following ones:

the new page about the composer viola player Antonin Dvorak.

Listen to Beethoven's Eyeglasses duo

Berlioz's Harold in Italy

Stamitz viola concerto

two examples of how Beethoven used the viola in a symphony and in a quartet (more works to come).

Also, this month don't miss the special Halloween page with scary, fun music for a special night and the newly updated page of Christmas Carols free MIDI files. At some point the links started to no longer lead to free files, but now they lead again to really free files, so download and listen to all of them.

Enjoy viola music!

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