I think acknowledgments, recognition for good things that people do, are something that really makes them happy and encourages them and others to keep doing nice things.

I'm pleased to receive them so I myself would like to thank the following websites for recommending to their visitors, this way showing their appreciation for this website.

This is one that really made me say WOW! when I saw it (by the way, my friends say the same when I tell it to them) and indeed flattered me a lot. is recommended in several search result pages in no less than the authoritative Encyclopaedia Britannica ! (Did you too say WOW! ...?)

Encyclpaedia Britannica This means that if you search there for viola Bach Beethoven Berlioz Bruch Mozart Paganini Stamitz , in the results page after their own list of articles etc. (you have to scroll down a bit), in the left hand pane under the heading Websites - External Websites you’ll find is also recommended in the Musical Instruments page in Musiclopedia is also listed in several pages in wikipedia in English and some other language versions such as Italian Portugese Spanish Chinese Russian (how do you know this if you can't read Chinese or Russian? just move your mouse over the links around Wikipedia's page bottom and you'll see the link to

I hope there will soon be more, I'll be very happy to thank them.

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