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Music gift ideas for a musician or a music lover

about the viola and much more

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Hello! Do you need music gift ideas for a musician or a music lover? I wish you to have a lot of fun here, finding the perfect gift for your friends! (by the way, this means all your friends, not just musicians, because everybody loves music, right?)

And, of course you can make yourself an original music gift!

Here you'll find viola themed gifts and other general music related gifts: book, games, gadgets.

For more music gift ideas for a musician, a nice present would be a subscription to a downloadable sheet music website, related to the viola and not only, also good for any other instrument, printed sheet music, or visit other pages on this website to find a list of music books and viola books, or music-minus-one CDs (to play solo accompanied by a real orchestra).

You are spoilt for choice, music is always the perfect gift.

If you really can't make up your mind on what to choose, simply send your friends a Gift Certificate with your personalized gift message, so they will be able to choose their favourite gift.

C. P. E. Bach said about his father J. S. Bach:

"As the greatest expert and judge of harmony, he liked best to play the viola, with appropriate loudness and softness."

Choose your gifts with this quote

C. P. Bach said about his father J. S. Bach:
C. P. Bach said about his father J. S. Bach:
C. P. Bach said about his father J. S. Bach:
C. P. Bach said about his father J. S. Bach:
C. P. Bach said about his father J. S. Bach:
C. P. Bach said about his father J. S. Bach:
C. P. Bach said about his father J. S. Bach:
C. P. Bach said about his father J. S. Bach:

Choose your gifts with this quote

Rare viola and violin books, a great music gift idea for musicians, music teachers, students and lovers

Walk on the North side, W. Primrose "Walk on the North side"
Biography of the viola virtuoso William Primrose

Primrose's childhood as a child prodigy, his many interests besides music, such as chess, boxing, cricket, airplane piloting, conductors, colleagues, how Primrose actually started his solo violist career, recordings, teaching.
Recommended for any music lover
...more info

Playing the viola, W. Primrose "Playing the Viola - Conversations with William Primrose"
by David Dalton
A technical book, very useful for players of different levels.
Primrose talks about all aspects of playing the viola: teacher-student relationship, playing the viola coming from the violin, how to practice, repertoire, stage presence and manners, performance practice, the left hand (you can even get to know his own fingerings in some works), programs, recordings, competitions and more.
Recommended for all viola players (also violin players can learn a lot from a great virtuoso).
... more info

A new approach to violin playing, K. Havas "A new approach to violin playing"
By Kato Havas

The first book written by the violin teacher Kato Havas. How to prevent and eliminate physical tension and injuries caused by violin and viola playing. Based on how the body works, how to use the natural balances instead of force and pressure. With detailed explanations & practical exercises,
how to practice, the relation between physical and mental tension.
Foreword by Yehudi Menuhin. Recommended for all string players ...more info

Stage fright, causes and cures, K. Havas "Stage fright, Causes and cures"
By Kato Havas (1973)
This is the last book written by Kato Havas. It analyzes all aspects and reasons for stage fright, a very common and serious problem among performers of any level. I gives the causes and cures for the fear of the trembling bow, of being out of tune, of high positions and shifts, of not being fast enough and more fears. It is a practical book, not just to be read, you need to read it and apply it.
With a foreword by Yehudi Menuhin. Recommended for all string players
...more info

Kato Havas DVD: Prevent, eliminate physical injuries, stage fright
'A New Approach' on the causes and cures of physical injuries in viola and violin playing DVD with detailed exercises on the release of tension and the prevention of anxiety in performance
By Kato Havas, the famous violin and viola teacher and author of three books on the subject, several years ago was the first and only one to talk about this and has been teaching for about fifty years
Recommended for all string players ...more info

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My love is like a red, red rose
Sportsman’s hornpipe
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Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
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