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Music Publishers

and music for viola

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There are so many music publishers that one often wonders which one is the best one, how to choose among them? Well, I don't think there is a
"number one", they are all different, with their own tradition and specialization, so which music publisher to choose depends on what you are looking for.

For example, most music publishers publish some of the most famous music works (who knows how many editions of Beethoven's fifth symphony there are?), but in addition to this, some specialize in Urtext editions, some in their national composers, some in opera, some in facsimiles, some in teaching methods, some in orchestral scores and parts, some on the works of only one composer, some on the music for only one specific instruments, some are part of a university some only publish digital scores, and so on.

By reading a bit of the history of music publishers it's possible to learn more about the history of music and musicians.

From this page, you can read about some music publishers and the music they publish for viola. This can help in the choice of the music edition when you want buy some music.

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