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Here are some instrumental music teacher resources, particularly for viola and violin teachers, since this is a viola website.

To make your search quicker, here you'll find links to pages within this website with resources for all instrument teachers.

There is a lot of useful material, like free sheet music, MIDI and Mp3 files, recommended books, sheet music for orchestra, to practice for exams or auditions, and more.

This website itself is meant to be a resource for players and music lovers, as well as for teachers and students, so I invite you to browse it or use the search box below, to find what you are looking for.

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Sheet music

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Free classical music download
Free printable music to download, for viola in combination with other instruments

Music Minus One (play-along) and Classical music Mp3
Students can now practice their concertos or other works accompanied by a real orchestra or piano or other instruments in chamber music. Find here accompaniment recordings and Mp3 files to play-along

Folk viola
Here you can find a lot of sheet music for folk viola tunes. This is for viola students who'd like to play folk music, tips with videos and tunes

Orchestral parts
Collections of orchestral parts for viola, for students (as well as professionals) to prepare for auditioning: orchestral excerpts and solos, from Baroque to contemporary repertoire

Help about teaching viola (and violin)

Kato Havas New Approach teaching DVD
For violin and violin teachers, how to prevent and eliminate physical injuries in viola and violin playing. Based on the "Havas New Approach", a way to teach and play to prevent and eliminate physical injuries (tendonitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.). It also eliminates nerves, stage fright, related to string playing.

How to play - Workshop Videos
Inspiring teaching videos, for both students and teachers, by the famous teacher Kato Havas, talking about the Havas New Approach. How to eliminate and prevent physical injuries, tendonitis in violin and viola playing, how to be at ease when playing. A lot of good tips

How to eliminate stage fright
What causes stage fright? How to eliminate stage fright? Information and tips on that (not a 5 minute solution, though). Are drugs the only solution?

Other music teacher resources

Music teacher's helper
A great tool I myself use to keep track of my students, lessons, payments etc.
You have a calendar, can send reminders to your students for lessons, emails, invoices (no matter where you live, choose your currency). You can create your own studio website for free and link from you existing website (if you have one) and much more. It works from 1 to unlimited students.
Click here to try it free for 30 days and then, if you like it and continue to use it, receive a 10% discount on your first month's subscription.

More Information

Violin and viola books
The history of the viola, viola pioneers, viola repertoire, how to prevent physical injuries

Famous violin players who played viola
If you have students violin players who are considering switching to the viola, or if you are suggesting this, let them know of others famous violin players who played the viola in the past and those who still do it

Orchestral jobs and auditions
Here you can find useful information for students who are looking for orchestral jobs, which pieces to prepare for orchestral auditions, which orchestral excerpts, where to find them.

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Classical Sheet Music to download instantly

More music teacher resources

Find other useful items at Mutopia project (free sheet music), Beethoven's website Virtual Sheet Music

...and more music is coming all the time, come and visit again for more viola music and music teacher resources.

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Michael Turner’s waltz (2 versions)
The greenwood tree
The south wind
Fanny Power
Ye banks and braes
Skye boat song
My Bonnie
My love is like a red, red rose
Sportsman’s hornpipe
The road to Lisdoonvarna
Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
Iron legs

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