Robert Fuchs and the viola

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Robert Fuchs and the viola

Robert Fuchs is very little known nowadays but in his time he was a well known and respected composer in Vienna. He was born in 1845, that is 9 years after Bruch, 14 after Brahms who admired his compositions and said of him:

"Fuchs is a splendid musician; everything is so fine and so skilful, so charmingly invented, that one is always pleased".

At 19 he even received the Beethoven prize in composition from the Friend of Music Society.

He composed orchestral works like symphonies and serenades for which he was most famous, as well as much chamber music especially for strings, duos trios, quartets.

He was also active as a conductor and as a teacher of harmony and counterpoint at the conservatoire, thus teaching many of the composers of the following generation.

Works for viola

I would say Fuchs' music is easy to listen to, like Bruch he was a conservative as to his style, considering that he composed well into  the 20th century (died in 1927), see two examples here for viola.

Viola and Piano

  • Viola Sonata in D minor, Op. 86
  • 6 Fantasy pieces (Phantasiestücke) for viola & piano, Op. 117

Duets for violin and viola Piano

Fuchs Viola sonata

Robert Fuchs on CDs and on paper

If you want to listen to more of Fuchs music or play it, here are CDs and sheet music to buy.

  • Trio piano, violin and viola
  • Violin Sonata
  • Viola Phantasiestucke
Robert Fuchs CD: Trio piano, violin and viola, Violin Sonata, Phantasiestucke (Fantasy Pieces) for Viola and piano
Robert Fuchs CD: Trio For Piano, Violin And Viola, Fantasy Pieces (Phantasiestucke) for Viola and piano, Viola Sonata
  • Trio For Piano, Violin And Viola
  • Fantasy Pieces
  • Viola Sonata

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